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Original Sketch, ACEO Cards, Canvas Prints & SALE

First off, remember - you can come see me at Faery Fest this Saturday in Orlando at Avalon! I will be there from NOON until 4PM. For more info see here:


All right - I have so much new stuff to share with you all!

Let me see... I have a neat old sketch, 12 ACEO cards, two new #01 Limited Edition Canvas prints & some new SALE prints!

For those of you who over the years have been requesting sketches & drawings, here you go! This is the original preliminary concept sketch I doodled prior to painting my "Cats and Bats" painting. It's just a quick pencil sketch on a sheet of 8.5x11" crappy lightweight typing paper - not great quality - kinda smudgy, probably some creases here and there - (I didn't really ever expect to sell this, but I came across it while clearing out my studio and decided to share it here in case somebody wants it, instead of throwing it out, lol). It is from October 29th, 2005. "Cats and Bats" is a very popular painting of mine - it has been licensed on a lot of merchandise at the Hot Topic chain of stores, etc. Again - this is just a quick sketch I did when I was thinking up the idea before painting it - not a great masterpiece, lol, but kinda fun. On the back side of this paper (shown further below) there are even more doodles - apparently from me deciding how to portray the "cats", hehe. I have never sold any of my concept sketches before - but if there is interest I might post some more later from time to time, we'll see. It is up for auction on eBay starting at just one penny, with no reserve, for a 7-day auction ending on the evening of Thursday, June 22nd at 6:54 PM Central Time
You can see my "Cats & Bats" ORIGINAL SKETCH here:


To see all of my other currently available originals, just visit my Original Paintings section of my store here:


Next up are the ACEO cards (for more info about ACEO cards, how I make them & what they are, consult the individual auction descriptions). All are starting at a penny, with no reserve for SEVEN-day auctions ending on the evening of Thursday, June 22nd between 6:25 PM - 6:48 PM Central Time.
Here are the ACEO cards individually:

Lovely is the Night ACEO

Princess of the Goblins ACEO

Voodoo on a Small Scale ACEO

Eyes of Gold ACEO

A Froggish Warlock ACEO

Blankly Pink ACEO

Luminous Pink Mermaid ACEO

Girl with a Little Black Kitty ACEO

Golden Haired Cutie ACEO

Pink Eyed Angel ACEO

Bumble Bee Fairy ACEO

Nymph of the Dying Leaves ACEO

Next up, are the new CANVAS prints!

I have the newly-finished number #01 Limited Edition hand-embellished prints for the following:

"Sugar Magnolia" Limited Edition CANVAS PRINT

"Rainbow of Bones" Limited Edition CANVAS PRINT

And then I also have the same three pictures available as this week's SALE prints! The 8"x10" open edition prints are on sale for $10.00 and the 12"x16" open edition prints are on sale for just $20.00.

To see ALL of my current SALE items, click here:


Or here are the individual links to each SALE print....

"Sugar Magnolia" 8x10 & "Sugar Magnolia" 12x16

"Rainbow of Bones" 8x10 & "Rainbow of Bones" 12x16

I have to go catch up on some emails now - hope everybody is having a good evening!
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