Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Iron Chef & Razors

So this morning Kachina was sleepily packing up to go (woke up at 4:30am to get an early flight) and she cut her finger open with a bathroom razor! Matt took her to the emergency room while I stayed with the babies. She's fine now, all bandaged up, but missed the flight and we re-scheduled for Monday evening. So we have houseguests for a few more days, hehe. Can't say I'm complaining - I love having them here!

Last night I took the evening off from painting (gasp). We decided to play "Iron Chef" (you know, like the Japanese cooking show). We formed two teams, each with a kitchen (Heather's kitchen and my kitchen, since we live right down the street from each other). It was Kachina & Heather against me & Amber. Chris & Matt watched the kids.

For those unfamiliar with the idea - basically two teams of chefs compete against each other by cooking three entrees a piece, all of which must feature one "theme" ingredient. Then everybody votes on each dish awarding points based on Originality, Taste, Use of Theme Ingredient, and Presentation. (Yes, my family and I like playing complicated games, lol).

We randomly picked a theme ingredient - it turned out to be tomatoes, which was pretty easy. I was hoping for something like "Chocolate" or "Coconut" which would have been challenging, but any of them would have been fun. We've played this before - previous theme ingredients have been bananas and apple.

We had a budget of $30 to spend, 15 minutes to brainstorm the menu, and exactly one hour to prepare the three dishes - it was very hectic!

It ended up being an exact tie score, so I guess both teams won! And of course we all got to eat the food, lol.

Me & Amber's menu:

*Tomato, Pear & Bleu Cheese Phyllo Dough Parcels with Tomato-Yogurt-Mint Sauce

*Roasted Corn & Sundried Tomato Patties with Black Bean/Tomatillo Relish with Queso Fresco

*Tomato & Pakora-Potato Kebabs with Fried Paneer atop a bed of Saffron Tomato Rice with a Tomato-Coconut Sauce

Kachina & Heather's menu:

*Mexican Tomato Ravioli with Tomatillo Salsa

*"Tomato-Plant" Parmesan with Pasta

*Tomato Crisp with Black Walnut Ice Cream

Kachina's Tomato Crisp was definitely the weirdest offering, lol. Basically it was a traditional brown sugar & walnut crisp (like you'd have with apples or blackberries) but with tomatoes instead of the usual fruits. It really wasn't that bad!

We had a lot of fun - we all are vegetarians and like to cook, so it's a good game for us.

Today though it's back to work for me - I've been working on my Peacock Queen painting - you can peek in on me while I work here:

Click HERE to see My Webcam

Off I go!

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