Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

'Morning everyone.....

A beautiful day outside, or so it looks from inside my studio =/ I have a lot of work to catch up on and I'm going to try to get some painting done today. I started a BIG (24x18) painting last night - kind of an Elizabethan masquerade theme - portrait style with a peacock! Going good so far - if you'd like to peek in at me you can see my webcam here:

Click HERE to see Jasmine's Webcam

Kachina, Eleanor & Theodore are off swimming with Aunt Heather, so Matt can get today's shipments out with a minimum of "interference", lol. We'll probably get to spend some time with them later in the day though =) It's sad, they leave tomorrow morning & fly back home. I'll miss them, but I'll see them in a couple weeks at 4th of July, and then a week or two after that for Cousin Camp (my mom's side of the family's annual reunion). Actually, considering we live 1250 miles apart I actually get to see them a lot!

What a busy summer - that'll be three trips in just over a month, eek. Weekend after this one (on June 17th) is my special appearance at Avalon for signing, meet&greet, etc. -


I hope to see you all there! I think a lot of people will show up - I've already gotten emails from people even in other states that will be coming to see me! Yay!

For my birthday, my dad got me a "Tea of the Month" club from Adagio Tea! I love their teas, and now each month I get different teas mailed to me - that is so cool!!

Pretty soon also we'll be doing a LOT of yardwork - we purposely waited until after our vacation to buy plants (didn't want to abandon some new plants for weeks right after transplanting them) so now that we're back home we'll be doing that. I'm especially excited about planning my herb garden. And about the coconut & banana trees, hehe.

Robyn Hitchcock's album "Spooked" is really good, by the way!

Okay, I'd better go sign a bunch of prints & then go work on my painting =)
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