Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Last post before I leave! =)

I have time for a quick post before I leave! This is basically stuff you guys already know, hehe, but just in case I will re-iterate it:

My eBay store is now in "vacation mode" where all the store listings disappear except for my auctions (like the painting I just listed!). Don't worry, they will magically re-appear upon my return June 2nd.

You are MORE than welcome to place orders on my website - http://www.strangeling.com - while I am gone (remember, FREE SHIPPING) but please understand that your orders will not be processed and shipped until my return on June 2nd.

I will have limited if any email access while I am on my trip. If something is a true emergency, please write "URGENT" in the subject line and email it to me at JasmineToad@aol.com - otherwise most email will have to wait until my return on June 2nd.

The post office will be keeping our PO BOX stuff for us, and my house-sitters (ie, Amber & Chris) will be collecting our mail, so you are all welcome to send in your mail order payments as usual.

I think that's everything! Oh yes - on this Thursday night (May 25th) I have set a group of ACEO cards to automatically list themselves as auctions while I'm gone, hehe. So if you are reading this after 8pm Central Time on Thursday night you can see a bunch of new ACEO Cards by clicking HERE! (But of course, if you are reading this before 8pm Central Time on Thursday the 26th, they will not have "popped" yet, so check back later).

See you all soon!! I will miss you!!
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