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"cut out my heart and it floats to the ceiling..."

>sigh< matt went to work a double today =(
i wish he could have stayed home, i felt like goofing off with him today. instead i have to go the post office and ship a million paintings and prints. nothing is more tedious than shipping things at the post office. the closest post office to us is inside the Hy-Vee grocery store, where, for some reason they have seemingly regular grocery store employees working at the grocery store rather than actual postal workers. i wouldn't think that is even legal. they can never answer any of my questions, and look at me like i'm crazy if i want to ship a painting to england and need customs forms. even though i do that sort of thing at least twice a week, and it's usually the same couple of people working there every time. my AOL stock is continuing to go up today - i'm still holding onto it though. i was going to put up some auctions tonight, but then they would end while i am on vacation! perhaps i could make them 3day or 5day auctions, and then slightly before i leave i could put up a 10day auction that would end after i came back from florida. yeah, that sounds like a good idea. i wonder if a 3day auction will get as many bids as a 7day auction? eh, i don't care - i need spending money for my trip - i still need to pay for a rental car, gas, three hotel stays (we're camping two nights), and of course overpriced restaurants and mickey mouse paraphernalia. well, i'd better get my posty things together to send.
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