Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

BIG www.strangeling.com update! FREE SHIPPING & Meet Jasmine & More!

Hi everyone!

After two days straight sitting here at my computer, I have given my website a MAJOR update! Check it out here:


(AOL users, remember you will need to CLEAR your browser's cache to see the new updates immediately! It should say Updated May 14th on the first page).

There are a lot of new changes:

*The biggest news being, now there is FREE SHIPPING on all orders! Seriously, FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world. Live in Timbuktu and you want to order 2,100 Canvas Prints? No problem - shipping is FREE!! The only exception is my Lt. Ed. Statue & my "Fairy" book, because they automatically have shipping included, but other than that everything else qualifies for 100% free shipping. How cool is that? I'm not sure how long I will run this promotion, so go buy stuff while you can, hehe. Please note that this is for orders placed through www.strangeling.com directly (ie, eBay doesn't count!).

*About 25 new prints added - ALL of my most recent paintings! All in the gallery:


*Every print on the website now has the CANVAS PRINT option available at the top of each page!

*A new section called "Appearances" has been added. http://www.strangeling.com/appearances.html - this is where I am listing my public appearances - festivals, fairs, conventions, etc. where you can come see me and my artwork, get things autographed, see my original paintings in person, etc.

*On the new "Appearances" page I have my next public appearance - MARK YOUR CALENDARS - on June 17th (Saturday) I will be at Avalon's Summer Faery Fest & Psychic Fair at Avalon ( http://www.avalonbeyond.com ) a metaphysical store in Orlando, Florida. It runs from 11am to 7pm - PLEASE come out and see me! I'll have prints, books, merchandise, etc. for sale and for signing - you are welcome to bring your statues, prints, books, whatever you'd like me to sign or personalize for you. It is also encouraged that you dress like a fairy! I will post a reminder as the time draws closer, but mark your calendars now - June 17th at Avalon in Orlando!

*"For my Fans" http://www.strangeling.com/fans.html has been updated! Tons of new photos from fans, tattoos & more!

I updated various other stuff too, I can't even remember now, hehe. Go to http://www.strangeling.com and have fun looking!

I will have some new paintings for you all very soon! In the meantime, enjoy the new site updates!!!!

PLEASE NOTE: I am going to be out of town and mostly without computer access from May 21st - June 2nd. During this time my eBay store will go on "pause" (where the store items disappear and magically reappear upon my return). I will have a couple of auction style listings that will run while I'm gone, so feel free to bid on those as usual. My website will remain open for business, but if you want your order shipped before I leave you will need to do it soon! Orders placed after I'm gone will be shipped as soon as I return, and emails will be answered upon my return as well.

SO - if you have any outstanding orders/eBay items (as in "haven't paid for yet") and want them shipped before I leave for my trip, please hurry up and pay, lol - otherwise you will have to wait until I get back!

That's almost a week from now, so go take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING promotion while you can! ;) I will have some new paintings for you all very soon! In the meantime, enjoy the new site updates!!!!

And yes, I will be doing a big email answering session before I leave, don't worry. If you are waiting on an email from me - I haven't forgotten it, I'm just insanely busy! I'll get back to you, promise!
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