Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Good morning all!

Good morning everybody!

I've been answering emails so far all morning, so now I'm going to paint =)

I started a piece yesterday - kind of a dark angel painting against a dramatic sky - should be pretty cool!

You can watch me while I paint here:

Jasmine's Webcam

Last night we got a lot of work done so we sneaked out for a couple of hours and watched "Silent Hill" at the movie theatre. It was pretty good - definitely had that "video game" feel to it. Some creepy parts too. We also stopped at the outside porch bar at House of Blues across the way from the movie theatre and I got a couple of drinks - they make a great Hurricane using Southern Comfort (one of my favourites!).

Saw the preview for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie - I am SO excited to see that one!

After many grumpy phonecalls with Comcast, I finally got an "issue" resolved. My last bill had an "Adult Movie" pay-per-view $10 charge on it for something called "Wild Bachelor Party"! O__o I looked up the date and time it was ordered, checked it against my LiveJournal & emails, etc., and determined that it was absolutely impossible that anybody was here at my house to have accidentally ordered it - we were all at the Magic Kingdom that day at 3:00PM. What the heck? The customer service people were really rude, and kept making insulting insinuations. Hmph. Finally they figured out that it was an error on their part and credited me back. I had been wondering if Azrael (my kitty) had ordered it or something, lol.

Hey - if you haven't already - go get the current issue of "Faerie" magazine! Michaela has a great article about Pixies in there, and it is illustrated with some artwork of mine! (And it's a good magazine, eye candy and magicky-ness on absolutely every page).

Matt is getting some wooden stakes and twine for our backyard - we are mapping out the areas that will soon be paved into a courtyard. After we figure out how many square feet we want covered we will pick out what type of pavers we want and order them. I'm not sure if we will go with bricks, or big flat stones, or what. We also need to order lots of gravel and sand to "set" them. Amber & Chris are going to be doing a lot of the grunt work, hehe.

After we get the pavers down, we'll be filling the edges and the unpaved areas with lush tropical plants - palm trees, ferns, bouganvillea, hibiscus, jasmine (of course!), banana trees, a bunch of potted & hanging plants for the gazebo, etc. Then on the other side of the walkway I am putting in a great herb garden with all the herbs I usually spend lots of money on at the grocery store, lol. We are also getting a big Japanese arbor/trellis for climbing vines and are putting a big Buddha statue (that is also a fountain) under it. Our yard is walled on two sides by our house and our garage's back wall, and on the other two sides it is privacy fences taller than I am, so the whole yard is enclosed and very private - it should be a tropical hideaway when we are finished with it - I can't wait! Lately I've been taking my laptop out there when I need to answer emails or do other computer stuff - it'll be even nicer when the garden is completed. I will DEFINITELY post pictures of it all when it's finished (maybe before & after pictures - I took some "before" photos when we moved in). And yes - I will eventually post some photos of our cruise and from Larry Elmore's retreat, etc. too - all in good time.

All righty - I've rambled long enough! I'd better go paint now! I might try to squeeze in some mini paintings too if I finish my big painting early. And I will try to finish the first canvas print & post sale prints of Queen Arachne too.
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