Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Mini paintings, and some Hot Topic and other merchandise news!

New stuff!

In the next month or two the Hot Topic chain of stores will have a LOT more merchandise from me, so be on the lookout! But in the meantime, they have a couple of new products already up on their website! First off is a GIANT poster of "Wicked, Tricksy and False" - it is waaaaay bigger than any prints I can offer myself, - THREE FEET WIDE, and waaaay cheaper than I could hope to charge too, lol, at only $6.99 - check it out here:


or at your local Hot Topic store. The website also has a couple of my new postcards at only $1.25...



and "Wicked, Tricksy and False":


Again, I don't have these products in stock myself, so you need to get them at Hot Topic! (Pssst - the more stuff of mine you buy, the more stuff of mine they will carry in stock!).

In other merchandising news, I have licensed a line of personal checks & accessories! Yeah, checks like you write for bills, etc., lol. Also checkbooks and address labels, etc. that match the checks! You can't buy them from me directly, but you certainly order them here:


They are a great way to make paying the bills more fun, hehe!

I have a couple of other bits of very exciting merchandise news, but that will have to wait a little bit ;)

Now, onto the MINI PAINTINGS!!! They are each only 3"x5" - very small indeed! In order to give everybody a fair chance at these I've set them at a very low fixed price of just $50 in my eBay store where they will remain until purchased (you might want to hurry - these typically go very fast, I apologize in advance if any have sold out already!). These mini paintings are the only opportunities to find original paintings of mine at this price, and they are absolutely adorable!!!

You can see them below.....

"Lovely Violet Eyes"

and "Cute Little Blue Hair"

and "Worried Red Eyes"

and "Lovely Rainbow Eye"

and "Blue Eyed Summer"

and "Here's Looking at You!"

and "Green Eyes and Black Wings"

and "A Red Eyed Girl"

and "Pretty Pink Flowers"

and "A Touch of Envy"

and "Pink Eyed Angel"

and "Little Blue Flowers"

If you'd like to see all of these together (minus the ones that have already been bought though, I see that some have already sold!) along with my other current original paintings up for sale, you can click below:


and you can see this week's SALE items here:


Huzzah! Now, enough painting - I have emails and orders to sort through.....
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