Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

New fabulous painting!

I have been painting all day and have finished a gorgeous painting of a spider queen - it's a highly detailed painting - I had way too much fun looking at Elizabethan portraits and dresses - I'm very pleased with the result (she even has that vaguely unhealthy Queen Elizabeth look, lol. And spiders, lots of spiders & spider webs. Click below to see her:

"Queen Arachne"

Next up are some #01 Limited Edition Hand Embellished Canvas Prints! First a couple of older ones I've had to re-list (the winning bidder was unable to complete the transaction):

"Unwelcome Visitors" Limited Edition CANVAS PRINT #01

& "Fairy in a Red Dress" Limited Edition CANVAS PRINT #01

and then a couple of new ones....

"Meeting with the Frog General" Limited Edition CANVAS PRINT #01

& "A World in Good Hands" Limited Edition CANVAS PRINT #01

And then I have some new open edition SALE prints! To see all of my SALE prints click below:

"A World in Good Hands" 8x10 $10 SALE & "A World in Good Hands" 12x16 $20 SALE

"Meeting with the Frog General" 8x10 $10 & "Meeting with the Frog General" 12x16 $20


All right, I need to go try to get to some long-waiting emails and maybe fix some dinner. And try to catch the last 20 minutes of The Sopranos. Enjoy the new art!
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