Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

NEW PAINTING! And other stuff.

First off, I have a wonderful new fantasy painting - it is a stunningly beautiful piece combining my love of faeries, our environment, and outer space. A lovely wide eyed fairy cradling our planet earth - swirling with clouds - out in the starry deep space. It's really cool! Click the link below to see it.....

"A World in Good Hands"

In addition I have a newly-finished number #01 Limited Edition hand-embellished prints for my "Three Wise Faeries" and "Fairy Odalisque" pictures - (14"x11") - each is the first of the edition, numbered #01/25. Click below to see them:

"Three Wise Faeries" Canvas Print

& "Fairy Odalisque" Canvas Print

And then I have a couple of new "MINI" paintings - tiny 3"x5" original acrylic paintings set at a fixed price of just $50 each - these tend to sell fast, so grab one if you can! I apologize in advance if they have already sold out, hehe!

"Eyes in Anticipation" mini painting

& "Emerald Eyed Cutie" mini painting

And now I have the BRAND NEW print sale for my open edition "Three Wise Faeries" and "Fairy Odalisque" prints!

The direct links are:

Three Wise Faeries 8"x10" on SALE for $10 & Three Wise Faeries 12"x16" on SALE for $20

Fairy Odalisque 8"x10" on SALE for $10 & Fairy Odalisque 12"x16" on SALE for $20

For all of my current SALE items, click below:


and you can see ALL of my other current original paintings here:



In other news, I got my official "congratulations" letter from Spectrum! They have picked "Funeral for a Long Dead Knight" to go into the new book! That's one of my personal favourites, and it is a pretty darned good painting, so I'm very happy with their choice.

And oh yes - I will try to get some screencaps of my art's cameo on Smallville very soon!

Good night all!
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