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Gothling ACEOs, MINIS, Red Dragon, Older artwork & SMALLVILLE!

Hi everyone! I have a bunch of tiny little pieces of art, a new canvas print, some links to some of my older paintings (originals, all framed & matted!) up for auction and some new SALE prints for you today!

First off though - just a head's up - tonight is the episode of Smallville that may have my artwork in it! At least that is what the set decorator told me - so keep an eye out if you watch Smallville, hehe! I think it's on the WB (Warner Brothers) channel around 8pm Eastern Time in the US - check your local listings.

Next up, I have *four* tiny little original mini paintings for you! My minis are tiny 3"x5" original acrylic paintings set at a fixed price of just $50 each - these tend to sell fast, so grab one if you can! I apologize in advance if they have already sold out, hehe!

"Eyes of Gold and Burgundy" mini painting

& "Eyes of Liquid Amber" mini painting

& "Lavender Spring" mini painting

& "Red Infinity" mini painting

To see ALL of my currently available original paintings (big and little), see below:


Next up are the ACEO cards (for more info about ACEO cards, how I make them & what they are, consult the individual auction descriptions). All are starting at a penny, with no reserve for SEVEN-day auctions ending on the evening of Thursday, April 13th between 5:21 PM - 5:37 PM Central Time.
To see all of the ACEO cards together:


And here are the ACEO cards individually - this week they are ALL of my "Gothling" series!!!:

"Gothing #1 ACEO"

"Gothing #2 ACEO"

"Gothing #3 ACEO"

"Gothing #4 ACEO"

"Gothing #5 ACEO"

"Gothing #6 ACEO"

"Gothing #7 ACEO"

"Gothing #8 ACEO"

"Gothing #9 ACEO"

"Gothing #10 ACEO"

Next up is one of my Hand Embellished Lt. Ed. Canvas prints! It is the #01 numbered print of the edition for my "Red Dragon" painting. Since some collectors prefer the #01 (first) print of the edition, I'm auctioning them off to give everybody a chance - starting at just a penny wih no reserve! It is up a for seven day auction, ending on the evening of Thursday, April 13th at 5:41PM Central Time.

"Red Dragon" 11"x14" CANVAS PRINT

Also, "Red Dragon" open edition prints are on SALE for the next ten days:

"Red Dragon" 8"x10" SALE print $10.00

"Red Dragon" 12"x16" SALE print $20.00

And then finally, some of my older paintings from years past are being auctioned off on eBay. PLEASE NOTE: - the following are NOT my auctions. They are being re-sold by a collector. However, I thought some of you might be interested so I'd pass the word along here. These three paintings - all ORIGINALS - and as an added bonus, all have been beautifully custom framed and matted and are being offered up at EXCELLENT prices - go take a peek at the auctions below (again, I am not the seller of these auctions, I sold these paintings years ago, but I thought some of you might like to see them or buy them!!):



"A Shimmering Faerie" FRAMED ORIGINAL PAINTING (scroll all the way down for pics!)

Enjoy! I have Amber, Heather & Chris coming over so I'd better get off this computer!
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