Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Good morning~

Hey everybody - sorry I haven't been online much lately, I haven't been myself really, still upset about losing my kitty =(

Matt's mom had a good vacation staying with us despite it though, she had lots of fun. Now it's just Matt & I & Azrael here.

We went to Whole Foods last weekend (it's a bit of a drive, so we don't get out there more than once or twice a month!) with Heather, Amber & Chris and I bought so much food! Lots of Veat and Quorn especially.

I started a new painting - I might get to finishing it today - you can watch me HERE on my webcam while I work! It's big and has a warrior elf girl with an army of frogs in armor. Lots of detail.

Okay - I'd better go off to paint now! Sorry I'm turning the comments off on this one, I am so far behind on comments and emails =P Off I go!

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