Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

New artwork!!! And hey - local fans - read this....

Hey everyone!

First off, thank you so much for your kind words in my last entry =)

Next up, I have a NEW PAINTING (gasp). Click below to see her:


Isn't she lovely? I always like the traditional odalisque pose....

Next up are some NEW #01 Lt. Ed. Hand Embellished Canvas prints....each is number #01 out of 25....

"A Walk Through the Cemetery" Lt. Ed. CANVAS

& "Sunkissed Mermaid" Lt. Ed. CANVAS

& "Fairy in a Red Dress" Lt. Ed. CANVAS

Next up are my new ACEO Cards!! For more info about my ACEOs and what they are, etc. check out the individual auctions. To see all eight of them, click HERE to see my ACEO section in my store (eBay is being wonky today though, so my "category" thingies are only working sometimes. Use the individual links below if the main category isn't working properly).

Or click on their titles to see them individually....

& "My Fairy Frog Friends"ACEO
& "Corgi of the Faeries"ACEO
& "Midnight Rainbow"ACEO
& "A Little Batty"ACEO
& "Murder Most Foul"ACEO
& "Szepasszony - the White Witch of the Storm"ACEO
& "Glistening Mermaid"ACEO

And then I have some great SALE prints this week! Mostly of some of my new paintings, and a couple of old favourites. To see all my sale items (assuming eBay's category system isn't still being wonky) click HERE. Or click on the individual links below:

"A Walk Through the Cemetery" 8x10 SALE $10 & "A Walk Through the Cemetery" 12x16 SALE $20
"Sunkissed Mermaid" 8x10 SALE $10 & "Sunkissed Mermaid" 12x16 SALE $20
"Fairy in a Red Dress" 8x10 SALE $10 & "Fairy in a Red Dress" 12x16 SALE $20

And since I'm in an ocean-y mood, here are a couple of older sea-themed prints on sale....

"Sea Star" 8x10 SALE $10
"Spinner of Stars" 8x10 SALE $10

Enough art for you? ;)

I have been so busy lately! On Saturday Matt & I went to the Bay Area Renaissance Festival and had a blast! Our friend Bob (the genius behind A Midsummer Knight's Dream - go buy some of his puppets here: www.fantasypuppet.com/ ) hooked us up with tickets and even traded us a beautiful wolf puppet for one of my statues.

We had lots of good food, lots and lots of good drinks (well, I did at least - Matt had to drive, hehe). Saw lots of neat things and met a lot of neat people. I had worn one of my Mountain shirts with my Allura painting on it (hey - I get free samples - that means free clothes!) and lots of people recognized me because of it, which was really neat!

Oh yes! Attention Local People: I will be having a book & print "signing" festivity in Orlando, Florida. Mark your calendars now - it will be on JUNE 17th of this year. It will be at Avalon - that neat bookstore/metaphysical shop downtown - their website is here: http://www.avalonbeyond.com - I will let you know when I hear more details - I met the ladies from there when I was at the tradeshow last month - they are great people and it will be a fun event! It will be in the newspapers, etc. so be on the lookout! And of course, I'll post more as the date nears.

And oh yes - I think that the episode of Smallville that will feature my artwork will be on April 6th, so mark your calendars there too ;)

I need to go catch up on some work now (oh, I love saying that at 11pm, really) - I will talk to you all soon! Enjoy the new art!
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