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I'm going on vacation with Larry Elmore......

I'm so excited! In just a week and a half I'll be in the Kentucky wilderness with Larry Elmore and ten other fantasy artists, for an artists' retreat. Lots of art, drawing, reference-photo taking, campfires, outdoorsy-ness, etc. YAY! I will be sure to take lots of pictures =) It's great - it'll only be artists there - sounds like a creative and inspiring time. Matt is going to stay here of course so website/eBay ordering will go on as normal. I'll be gone for 5 days.

Larry Elmore is probably the person who most inspired me to become a professional fantasy artist. It was The Art of Dragonlance book I got for a present when I was 12 that first introduced me to contemporary fantasy art, and helped draw me into the world of fantasy in general. So it is a crazily happy thing for me to get to go do this! I don't get to meet other professional artists in person very often, so that will be fun too.

So in the meantime I need to get as much work done as possible before I leave. I finished up a commissioned portrait and now I'm ready to start another new original painting - you can watch me on my webcam HERE while I work! I have a big 24" canvas ready to go, and it's going to have a wine theme to it.....

Matt & I had a great time on our 9th anniversary last week! We went to Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure during the day, and then at night we went to Melting Pot - what a great restaurant! It's a four course (including salad) meal fondue style, and they are very very vegetarian friendly (and the have vegan options as well!) - a bit pricey, but I'd highly recommend the place. They have locations throughout the US. We also went to Barnes & Noble for some bookshopping, and then to Downtown Disney and to a movie (we saw Underworld 2). A great anniversary!

Let me see...what else is new... other than that it's mostly been work as usual. Lots of wholesale orders, which is awesome, lots of commissions (which is awesome, but time consuming). I am actually going to be raising up my commission prices later this week. I am getting too many and my waiting list is getting too long (lol, which in a way is good, but it kind of is making it so I don't get to do as many of my own originals, and a long waiting list means that it makes it harder for customers with deadilnes like birthday gifts, etc.). SO - if you are wanting a commissioned painting at my current prices please contact me in the next day or two to get your name on the list. The waiting list is currently 8 weeks, so please take that into consideration. Otherwise, prices are going up shortly - I apologize but I kinda have to do this. OF COURSE people already on my waiting list will NOT be affected by the price increase =)

All righty then, I'm off to paint!
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