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Jasmine Becket-Griffith

New art, etc......

Things are back to "normal" around here, pretty much. As normal as things ever are.

My sister Kachina & her son Theodore & baby Eleanor went back home yesterday. I miss them so much. We had so much fun while they were here and we did so much stuff!!!

I was sick for awhile, but now I am feeling much better. Fever is gone, and just a little sniffly & snuffly.

Now I'm just sad because my babies are gone! I got so used to Theo & Ellie being here, it's so quiet without them.

I'm so far behind on emails, etc. I can't hardly believe how much work I have and how many emails I need to write - and tomorrow is my anniversary so I will be taking the day off (NINE YEARS Anniversary with Matty!!!). So when I get back from our "date" I will be trying to catch up. I still have some INATS stuff to take care of, commissions, a wholesale order that is the LARGEST order I've ever had, and tons of other stuff I need to get done.

In the meantime though - I have some new artwork! Click below to see:

"A Walk Through the Cemetery"

Then I have some new fine art 20"x24" Posters through Art.com - see my website here to get to them:


(if you're using AOL or some other browsers, you may need to clear your browser's cache to see the new poster update).

Then I have some new ACEO cards!! To see all of the new ACEO cards click below:

Click HERE to see Jasmine's ACEO Cards

Or to see them individually, click on their titles below:

"Two Fae Ferrets" ACEO
& "Dark Ribbon Fairy" ACEO
& "Golden Guitar Fairy" ACEO
& "La Fee Verte" ACEO
& "The Star Child" ACEO
& "Blue Dragon" ACEO
& "Lost...but Not Worried" ACEO
& "Hunger Pains" ACEO

Also coming soon - there is tons of new licensed merchandise, dozens of new Hot Topic products - so many things it's making my head spin!! Lots of good news though!

Oh yes! And oh yes! My "Ophelia Immortal" is in an online art show/contest at EBSQ featuring Shakespearian art! To see the show just click below:
Click HERE to see EBSQ's Shakespeare Show

There are a lot of great entries. You can vote by clicking on the thumbnail pic of your favourite entry and hitting the "VOTE" button at the top right hand side. You must be logged in and an EBSQ member or an EBSQ patron to vote. To become an EBSQ Patron, just click HERE all they need is your email address, it's simple & free! It's a great way to learn more about Self-Representing artists (including me!!).

I'd better get going, I need to rest a little bit and get some work done if I can. I'm sorry I need to turn the "comments" off of this post - I am so far behind on everything. I hope everyone is well! Enjoy the new art!
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