Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

New painting, etc......

I think the past week has been the most busy week I have had in my entire life!

First of all, we did 3 days at the International New Age Trade Show at the Orlando Convention Center - it was a blast, very successful, but insanely stressful and tiring. Each night we came home to a whole day's worth of work that we didn't get to do while we were at the convention, so we barely slept the whole time. I got to meet so many great people, made so many new contacts, got lots of wholesale orders, etc. etc. etc. so it was awesome at any rate!

And the day after the convention (yesterday) my sister Kachina and nephew Theodore and little baby niece Eleanor flew into town, and they are staying with us at our house for a three week vacation!

So now I'm catching up with the INATS orders, doing all kinds of finagling with new merchandise & that type of thing, on top of the usual orders & emails, and I even managed to squeeze in a new painting - can you believe it? I am an art machine, folks!

When I was at the tradeshow this last week, I met a lovely lady who owned a Corgi store. She was telling me about how Corgis are thought to have been created by the faeries. I read up on it online when I got home and indeed there is a Welsh story about Queen Mab summoning the little dogs for faery steeds (hence the saddle-like markings). At any rate - I was inspired to create this painting.......

Click HERE to see "Corgi of the Faeries!"

I apologize if you are waiting for an email or LiveJournal comment from me - I am so busy I have barely had time to eat for the past week, it's nuts. I know I say that a lot, lol, but it's crazy. I will be doing some power catch-up this next week, I promise!

Oh yes - another fun tidbit - there is a new movie being made by Disney produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and starring Denzel Washington that is being filmed in New Orleans right now - it's called "Deja Vu" (something about time travel?) - I just signed some papers allowing the use of several of my paintings & stickers in the background of the movie, hehe - so keep your eyes peeled when it eventually comes out! (Also, I think the Smallville stuff might be coming up at the end of the month - I will let you know when I figure it out). I'm not sure where the sudden interest in putting my artwork in movies & TV, but hey - I'm not complaining! =)
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