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dinner at Friday's and more

let me see - i had a busy, and social (for me) day today. went to my grandfather's birthday party at my mom's aparment - had a nice time talking to everyone. eric is going off to boston for college soon - we all wish him well!

kachina showed me how to drive to mom's place, now i won't have to rely on everyone to drive me there all the time. i think i have a learning disability when it comes to remembering how to drive places. unless i have driven somewhere myself i have an awful time of it!

matt came home a little earlier tonight than expected (around 6:30 or so). we went with annie and her matt to TGI Fridays for dinner. i had an ultimate mudslide which was enormous and yummy. matt (my matt) and i split some bruschetta as an appetizer and we each got Gardenburgers with salads. i was so full from my huge drink and the bruschetta i couldn't even eat my veggie burger! i couldn't believe they got rid of my favourite roasted vegetable and fresh mozzarella sandwich! bastards. they used to have terrific veggie wraps a long time ago too, but they dropped them about 7 years back. annie got some gazpacho which (from the bit i tasted) was awesome. we left the unsuspecting waitress a great tip (since all four of us work at least occasionally at the Rainforest Cafe, we have "server karma" to consider!). afterward, we walked around the outside of the deserted mall in the dark, which was fun. it kind of reminded me of our first date (matt and i went to a friday's and walked around another mall). except of course annie and her matt were there this time! they are so much fun to hang out with - we came back to our place and watched a couple of Simpson's episodes afterwards.

i've realized that the only people i literally EVER hang out with are related to me - annie of course is my cousin, and then of course my sisters (kachina and amber for those who don't know) and their significant others (james and chris respectively). i am happy that my family contains some very cool people.

we will have an extra day when we are down in florida next week and we're trying to decide what to do with it. we're thinking about hitting the beach - i have a desperate need in me to see the ocean sometime soon.

azrael jumped up onto the high shelves where i keep my paintings for the first time today. i yelled at him and called him a bad kitty, and he was very sad and he hid in his litter box. i felt bad about it, because he didn't know any better. i'm sure it is hard for him to keep track of which shelves he is allowed to go and which ones are off limits. when i came home this afternoon though he gave me such kisses, so i feel better now. i think he might feel cooped up in this little apartment. our new place will be twice as large though, and may even have a sunroom for basking >^_^<

well - i'm going to go watch matty play Luigi's Mansion now. i'm all full of rich restaurant foods and am tired from my busy weekend. i think matt may pick up a shift tomorrow morning, but if we wake up all cozy he may reconsider =)
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