Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

New painting(s), statue, and fun TV news!!! >^__^

We have "Lost...but Not Worried" statues in stock! Grab one while you can, I've already sold a bunch of them and I don't have a ton of them in stock, so check them out....

New Lost...but Not Worried STATUES!

Then I have some funny news on the television front! I just signed the papers with Warner Brothers and it is offical - some of my artwork will be filmed as part of the TV show "Smallville" (yes, that Superman show). Several of my prints are being used for their set decorations, and the episode(s) being filmed now will be showing in late February/early March, - I believe starting with Episode 17. I know that some of you are probably Smallville fans, so keep an eye out, hehe. How cool is that?

Next up, I have a brand new painting.... click below to see....

"Wings of the Storm"

and then some tiny little mini paintings (hopefully they haven't all sold out already like last time, hehe!):

"A Pale Green Glance"

"Azure Eyes"

"Blue StarJewel"

& "Red Storm Fairy"

I am going to go dye my hair now! Same old black, just gotta touch up the tacky blonde roots that are growing out at an alarming rate.....

Good night everybody!
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