Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

New painting & other stuff.....

Yay! I didn't get sick after all, I woke up feeling fine =)

Matt's feeling better too, thank goodness!

I've been painting all day..... and I finished a new painting! Click below to see her.....

"Red Tailed Mermaid" ORIGINAL PAINTING

She's a cutie!

Also the mermaid reminded me that I still needed to list my Shimmering Mermaid #01 Lt. Ed. Canvas print - I kept forgetting to for some reason. So here you go:

"Shimmering Mermaid" #01/25 Lt. Ed. Hand Embellished Canvas Print

And then I listed a BUNCH of new ACEO Cards! To find out more about my ACEO cards, and how they are made, just look at the individual auctions for more info. To see ALL of my currently available ACEO cards, click below:


Or to see them all individually, just click their titles below:

Red Haired Fairy Queen ACEO

Poppy Garden ACEO

Fairy Countess ACEO

Spinner of Stars ACEO

Elf Maiden and Her Dragon ACEO

Fairy in My Window ACEO

Waiting for My Valentine ACEO

Pink Butterfly Fairy ACEO

Next up I will be working on some custom commissions.

Amber, Chris & Matt worked in the backyard today. They cleared out all of the junky bushes and plants that I don't want back there. Currently our whole yard is set up to be "low maintenance" - ie, all woodchips, bushes, and easily pruned plants evenly spaced throughout. Not a lot of usable space. So we are going to be completely re-doing it, putting in bricks or pavers through a lot of it to make it a good outdoor entertaining area. Also adding an herb garden, adding lots of palm trees, and maybe some water features (maybe), and a bunch of pretty plants. Ought to be fun!

The only bad thing is that somebody cut through one of our irrigation pipes - oops. We have a reclaimed groundwater system and little sprinklers pop out of the ground periodically. Now tonight though, instead of sprinkling, there is a pipe that just fills up the backyard with water, lol. Matt's going to fix it in the morning.

On the flip side though, a good thing that came out of it though - they discovered a hidden breaker box that was under a big plant. They flipped a switch and suddenly all of the outlets and outdoor lights that had stopped working after the hurricane are suddenly working again! I guess the plants or wind or something must have flipped a switch. We'd gone without outdoor lights and a bunch of indoor outlets not working for over a year. I kept meaning to call an electrician, but now I'm glad I didn't. I would have felt really dumb hiring somebody to flip a switch, lol. I think it's silly to have breaker boxes hidden under plants though....

Enough about that, I'm going to go get a drink & fix some food!
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