Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Good morning! Cool stuff ahead.....

Sorry to grumble about the Post Office earlier, lol - I was just planning to do a lot of shipping today. And I was also expecting a LOT of packages today. Hmph. Closed two days in a row..... =P

I keep looking at my new Fairy Secrets painting on my desk - it looks so pretty!

Blah - whenever I go up to Kansas City during the non-summer months, I always get sick. And I pretty much never get sick unless I go up to Kansas City during the non-summer months. So I have a sore throat today, argh. It'll probably clear up soon though, back home here in Florida with my windows open and my 83 degree weather, mwahaha.

Hey - check this out - I got to see my new silver jewelry that I have licensed with PeterStone:

Aren't they neat? I will post more info when I have it, and when they will be for sale, etc. I'm really really happy with how they turned out, I love it when I have new merchandise!

In other merchandising news, it looks like Tree-Free has picked up eleven of my images for cards - I'm really excited about that - they have been my favourite card company for many many years.

Gah - I have so much work to do. As usual whenever I go out of town, lol. I'm going to be gone for QUITE a while (like a week and a half or two weeks) in May, I'm already planning for it, hehe. I'm going with my sister Kachina & her family on a road trip visiting different amusement parks (yes, I know I live in Orlando already, hehe, but we like to visit other amusement parks too!).

Today I'll be catching up on various things, and I might start a new painting a little later on this afternoon. I have a fun custom piece to work on, and also a big blank canvas that Matt just cut for me (24"x30" - the biggest size I've done, other than commissions!). Not sure what I'll paint on it yet, I have a list of new paintings I want to do and I want to do them all right away, lol, it's hard to decide.

Off I go....
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