Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

I'm back!! And I have a new painting......

We're back! Safe & sound!

We had a wonderful trip to Kansas City, visiting our family for Christmas. We did so much and saw so many people, it's all a blur. Got lots of great presents, ate lots of good food.

We stayed with my sister Kachina, her husband James, my nephew Theodore, and new baby niece Eleanor. I had so much fun staying with them! I miss everybody so much.

Now I'm home, and working of course. I apologize to everybody if you are waiting on me for any emails, I didn't have much internet access while I was gone and I will be sorting through all that piled up over the next couple of days. Also I tried to skim LiveJournal, but I'm sure I missed a lot, lol, so if there was anything important that you need to tell me and you think I missed, please let me know.

Today Heather moved out (for those who don't know, she's my sister's sister-in-law who was staying with us while she found a new place)! Everybody helped move her furniture to her new apartment. It didn't take very long (she's just down the street, hehe). It seems weird not having her here, but at least she's nearby. It's a really nice condo apartment, and I think she'll be really happy there.

I've got various tidbits of interesting and exciting news that I will have to sort out later and share with you all. I also need to post our cruise photos, don't worry - I haven't forgotten =)

I finished up a new painting too! You can see it by clicking the link below......

"Fairy Secrets"

Isn't it lovely?

The next couple of days I may be rather quiet - catching up on emails & orders & commissions and such. I have my webcam up and running (sorry it went down while I was out of town - but it's not like anything was going on in front of it, lol).

Also - thank you all who sent me cards and gifts! Oh my goodness, I am overwhelmed - all that holiday cheer, hehe!

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