Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Merry Christmas, etc. Last post before I leave.....

OH man, last night we had so much fun!

We had invited Chris & Amber over (and Heather too of course, she's here at our house for another week or so) last night for a Christmas get-together.

Little did I know, but we were about to embark on a pirate adventure....

Shortly after they arrived, Matt went to take the trash out. A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Nobody was there, just a tape recorder and some bags of pirate supplies (you know, like earrings and gold coins and eye patches). We plugged in the tape recorder and some old pirate guy was gave us instructions to visit "Brian-Beard" (which I could only assume meant foxmagic, down the street from us. So we (still missing Matt) piled into the car and got to Brian's house, which was flying a Jolly Roger flag on the flagpole (that pretty much confirmed the clue, lol). The door was slightly open, so we went inside. Indoors there were all kinds of pirate-y sound effects, ocean noises, pirate music, etc. playing throughout the house (Brian has an uber home theatre, with a real movie screen & projector & speakers and stuff). All of the sudden the music changed and Brian-Beard (transformed into a very convincing pirate) came out, demanding our treasure. We didn't have enough treasure, and he started waving his sword around, but then up on the second floor landing a spotlight appeared and it was Matt (transformed into a very convincing pirate), and it became a dramatized, well scored & well lit two person pirate battle between the two, with Force FX Lightsabers, hehe. It was awesome. They killed eachother and we were left with four pieces of a treasure map, each with clues that took a while to figure out. Eventually it led us to the 2nd floor air conditioning vent back in our house, and inside were treats and Christmas presents. I can't believe they had the time to plan and choreograph all of it - it was such a surprise. How fun!! Brian-Beard also surprised us with gift of the Pirates of the Caribbean version of the "Game of Life" (we are all board game fiends).

Then we had our own presents under the tree, and an amazing array of food. Mulled cider, eggnog (with spiced rum!), breadsticks & pizza dip, zuchinni fritters with onion jam, spanakopitas, vegetable phyllo parcels, chips, avacado salsa, other salsa, queso dip, jalapeno poppers, mini-quesadillas, brownies, cookies, I forget what all there was. We ate SO MUCH.

Now this morning we sent the last of the orders before we are now officially closed for Christmas. Any orders placed now will go out on January 2nd. My website is open for business as usual (just don't expect a confirmation or shipment until January 2nd!).

My eBay store is CLOSED tempoarily - I'm doing the "seller vacation" option where it makes my store listings (the fixed price stuff, like prints, etc.) magically disappear while I am out of town. I don't want anybody to get confused and try to order something in time for Christmas or expect my usual quick shipping & email responses, lol. Don't worry - the listings didn't disappear, they will magically re-appear when I get back home =0) In the meantime you can order off of my website as usual.

WOW - I had a fantastic Christmas season. I sold an insane amount of prints off my website, a good bunch from eBay, and (drum roll) I have sold every single original painting from my eBay store. All of them are gone, each and every one. Red Haired Fairy Queen, Handsome Frog, Mermaid in Her Grotto - all gone! The only original I have left is my "Funeral For a Long Dead Knight" eBay auction which will be ending in about a week. All of my fixed price store originals are gone! Lol, I guess I will have to do a lot of painting when I get home =) Seriously - I will be focusing on doing a lot of larger originals the moment I get back home. Also when I get back I have a wholesale order of 400 prints that I need to do - wow. There's just no time to do it before my trip =/ But with Matt helping I'm sure we'll get it done. We've been doing a lot of wholesale lately, which is kind of neat really.

Okay then - this is my last post and then we're getting ready to leave. Family members: we are staying at Kachina & James' house. We will see you all tomorrow!

So now I leave you with some not very good photos of a not very good Gingerbread House that we attempted making last night. Sure - a lot of people think that since I'm an artist, I must also be good at things like making Gingerbread Houses, but no.... the evidence in the link below speaks for itself:

The little gingerbread people in the front were supposed to be my little niece and nephew Eleanor & Theodore, but they didn't turn out quite right.

About a minute after these photos were taken, we took turns trying to eat the house without using our hands, lol, it was so messy.

Please understand that I will not have much computer access while I am gone. I probably will only be able to check my email once or twice, and even then just the super-important stuff. If you have a very super important issue that CANNOT WAIT until I am back to "work" on January 2nd, email me at JasmineToad@aol.com and write "URGENT" in the subject line and I will do my best to get back to you.

Otherwise - I will see you all next year!
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