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Funeral For a Long-Dead Knight

Finally finished!

I'm so excited about this one, it took me forever to paint - it is a BIG 30"x12" piece - acrylic painting on a canvas sheet - reaaaally long and full of crazy details. It is called "Funeral For a Long Dead Knight" - it features the peaceful skeleton of a long-dead knight in armor lying on the forest floor. Standing solemnly by him are the tiny people of the forest - faeries, gnomes, elves, goblins, talking frogs - you name it. I don't even know how many of them they are - there are so many! Some are almost hidden.... They are standing sadly in memory of this unknown and long-dead knight, which is an unusual sight considering how cheerful and frivolous they typically are. This is a quiet moment, and a truly amazing painting that I'm very very proud of. Typically a piece like this I would stick in my "eBay store" for a fat price tag, but I just realized that my eBay store is going to be closed temporarily in a few days while I am out of town for Christmas, and I wanted to make sure everybody had a chance to see it, so I thought I'd just list it as an auction with a slightly higher starting price. (Don't worry, I will have plenty of my usual "penny auctions" as soon as the holidays are over and I can run auctions & store items as usual). SO without further ado....

"Funeral For a Long Dead Knight"

Isn't it cool?

NOW - as I mentioned, I am going to be out of town visiting my family for Christmas. The last day I can ship ANYTHING is December 23rd. We will be going to the post office the last time on the 23rd at NOON EASTERN TIME. Anything ordered & paid for after that will be shipped the day after New Year (January 2nd) when I return. My eBay store will magically "disappear" while I am gone, but my auction style auction(s) will remain up for bidding as usual. My eBay store will magically "reappear" when I come back, so do not worry. My website will be open for business the whole time I'm gone, feel free to order there, just be aware that orders placed when I am gone will not be shipped until January 2nd. I will not have much computer access while I am gone as well, so emails & order confirmations will be addressed upon my return too.

Okay, Heather has made dinner and I am going to go eat it!
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