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Jasmine Becket-Griffith

New Hot Topic stuff, new painting starting.....

We're hanging in there - doing post office run after post office run..... I think as we get closer to Christmas now though we'll get a little bit more of a break since most people are finishing up their shopping, etc.

Yay! "The Handsome Frog" found a home!!!

Last night I took a break off of work and played some "Pirates Cove" and "Heroscape" (LOVE THAT GAME!!) with Heather, Brian, Matt, Amber, & Chris last night, that was a lot of fun. I love board games!

Now I find myself with lots of painting to do. I always feel like a slacker if I take an evening off of work =/ I've finished all of my Christmas deadlined commissions and the next ones I need to do are not until New Year, so I actually get to paint some of my own ideas today, lol.

I had Matt cut me a big long special canvas - 30"x12" (or is it 18"? I forgot already) - I have to roll it up partially while I work on it, hehe - it is so wide! It is going to be insanely detailed and really cool, but kind of strange - I've just begun laying out some paint - you can peek in on me HERE on my webcam.

Oh yes! I just saw more Hot Topic stuff up at their website today (they are in the stores as well) - brand new postcards! These are only available at Hot Topic, I don't have these ones for sale myself, so go buy them there - only $1.25 - can't beat that ;)

Devilish Fairy Hot Topic Postcard


Lost...but Not Worried Hot Topic Postcard

in addition there are some other ones that have been there for a few days Wicked, Tricksy & False Hot Topic Postcard

& Allura Hot Topic Postcard

& Licorice Fairy Hot Topic Postcard

Enough rambling from me - I'd better go work on my new painting.

Sorry I need to turn the comments off on this one, hehe - my email inbox is about ready to explode as it is, lol. ;p
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