Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith


I have a couple of new paintings, and some important holiday shipping info!

First off.... here's my latest painting - it's really cool......click below to see.....

"Hope and Despair"

Then I also wanted to just show off another painting I finished today - it was a commissioned portrait (not for sale!) - an Aladdin/Arabian Nights type of theme.....

Click HERE to see a lovely Commissioned Portrait of the lovely Sherry!


NOW - many of you have been asking about Holiday Shipping!!! No matter what holiday you are celebrating - I'm happy to do my best to get your gifts shipped on time. I am going to Kansas City to be with my family over the Christmas season and the very last day I can ship ANYTHING is December 23rd. Anything ordered & paid for after that will be shipped after New Year when I return.

Now, as far as getting your stuff before Christmas - keep in mind while I can't officially guarantee arrival (due to varying factors, postal errors, Customs/Border Offices overseas, etc.) before Christmas specifically, but I can approximate and do my best. I'm not a big company, it's just me & my husband Matt who make & ship everything by hand, so please keep that in mind =)

IF you live outside of the United States, your order will most likely be shipped via Airmail, which is my standard shipping method for international orders on my website and most eBay items. Airmail allegedly (according to the post office) takes 5-7 business days. This time of year it sometimes takes longer. So if you live out of the US and want your order before Christmas, please order asap. Seven business days from tomorrow is the last mail day before Christmas, so if you want something shipped Airmail before Christmas, you'd best place your order tonight!

There is another last-minute option for International customers called Global Express. I can do that if necessary to - it allegedly (again, according to the Post Office) ships in 3-5 business days. So if it's getting close, and you don't mind spending the extra $20, email me before ordering and I will be happy to accommodate you.

IF you live IN the United States - you have more time =) Most of my website & eBay stuff goes out via Priority Mail, which is 2-5 business days. If you would like to try to get your order in time for Christmas you need to order by next Monday or Tuesday (December 20th or 21st) at the latest!

If you need a last minute option and live in the United States, email me before ordering and we can work out the best shipping method. I can Overnight Express things (up until the 23rd, that is) or FedEx or UPS if necessary. I'll do my best!

PLEASE though - if you REALLY want to make sure you get something before Christmas, just go and order it as SOON as you possibly can. Remember - my website URL is:


Also please remember - this is referring to when your order has been PAID for. Obviously this is not an issue with website shopping cart orders, but if you are sending a money order or check - I can't ship until the payment has been received. Paypal is a wonderful option - http://www.paypal.com . I also have a private merchant account for credit/debit cards for those who want to pay via credit card but can't use Paypal.

Email me with ANY questions!

More places to buy my stuff:

All My Currently Available Original Paintings are HERE

and all of this week's "SALE" items are here:

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