Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith


Argh, somebody sniped the auction I was bidding on for my Bengal Road pillow sham at the last minute. I can't complain though (even though it might appear that I am) because I LOVE snipers when I am selling things on eBay, lol. I really should have bid more. I guess that if you honestly bid your maximum price when eBay asks you for your "max bid" then you can't be too upset when someone outbids you.

Yay! Elfwood picked my "Swamp Spirit" for their "Moderator's Choice"!

I think I've qualified for eBay's "Power Seller" distinction too, but I'm not sure. I wish eBay's records would go back further than 30 days so I could check what my sales were in November and December (since your stats have to be consistent for three months in a row). We'll see if I get an invite from them =)

Let me see.... what else is new.... I made a donation to Epilogue last night. I love that site, and since I spend so much time browsing there (and since they host my gallery for free) I thought I should give them some support.

In a half hour or so I'm going to start painting again - so the Webcam will be up!
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