Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

A day of tiny, tiny artworks.......

Sorry folks, I still haven't uploaded my vacation photos, hehe.... To be honest that will probably take a couple of hours and I haven't had a spare couple of hours since we've been back, believe it or not.... but I promise I will get them up soon.

I've been working working working as usual!

Mostly on commissions - I just finished a gorgeous portrait commission today - if the client is okay with it (hey Sherry - let me know, hehe) - I might even post it here in my Journal to show it off....

The rest of the past couple of days I've spent filling time with tiny little artworks - a couple of minis and a TON of ACEOs.

First off are the mini paintings (please forgive me if they're already sold, they go so fast and it takes me awhile to list everything, send out my mailing list and then update my journal, so sometimes they are gone before I can post!)....

"Heart Shaped Locket"

& "Daisies in Her Hair"

To see ALL of my currently available original paintings, just CLICK HERE!

Now here come the ACEOs - some are individual cards, some are sets of multiple related cards! For more info about ACEOs and how they are made, look at the individual auctions.

To see ALL of my ACEO Cards, in the ACEO section of my store - CLICK HERE!


& "Mermaid in Her Grotto" SET OF TWO ACEO CARDS

& "Briseis and the Copper Dragon" SET OF TWO ACEO CARDS

& "Snow Bunny" ACEO

& "Sea Star" ACEO

& "Bringer of Lightning" ACEO

& "Licorice Fairy" ACEO

& "Armful of Ferrets" ACEO

& "Starry Night Fairy" ACEO

& "Queen of Bones" ACEO

& "Devilish Fairy" ACEO

& "Hindu Princess" ACEO

Whew! I think that's all of them! Oh yes.... Sagittarius prints are now on SALE.....

"Sagittarius" 8x10 print $10.00

& "Sagittarius" 12x16 print $20.00

Sorry for just having an art update, hehe - that's pretty much all I've been up to though! This time every year all we do is work and get orders out mostly, so it's not too exciting =/

Heather (my sister's sister-in-law who's been staying with us) found an awesome condo for rent in Downtown Celebration! She'll be moving in next week! It's been fun having her stay with us, but I'm very excited for her. It's got a huge balcony looking out over the beautiful city, and it's a great place - very large and roomy, with lots of windows.

I'd better go get some more work done. Believe it or not I am still trying to catch up on emails that piled up while I was on my cruise - it's nuts! This happens whenever I try to take a vacation - arggghhhhh.......
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