Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

It's a good good morning!!! >^____^

Good morning, good morning!

My computer is working! Thank you, thank you to foxmagic!!

We ended up having to wipe one hard drive clear and reformat it, and then ended up buying a brand new hard drive as well =/

Luckily, I'm a back-up fiend, and I back up my hard drive and all of my important files (art files, financial records, order files, etc.) every single day, sometimes twice, so I lost very little data. I've been spending the day re-installing drivers for my various peripherals and updating software, etc., which is dull, but thank goodness nothing "bad" has happened. Just a lot of stress =/ And of course now a lot of emails are backed up because I didn't get to that much while my computer was down, eek!

After all of this computer nonsense is hurting my head, lol, so I'm going to get some actual PAINTING done now! I finished up a commission - I'll get that scanned in and emailed to the customer tonight, and now I'm working on a new painting too up on my webcam here --> WATCH MY WEBCAM. I've got a bit of a sky scene started, and I'll just wing it from there.

Since we have so many family members down here now, I bought TWO Tofurkys at Whole Foods! Heather's going to make a "Pumpkin Bake", and we'll have potatoes and yams, veggies, pies, all sorts of good stuff for Thanksgiving on Thursday! And then Matt's birthday, and then on Sunday we leave for our cruise!!

I think I will probably use eBay's "pause" option on my eBay store while I am gone (it will temporarily make it so that my store listings will disappear, and then reappear when I return) since I probably won't have much internet access being in the ocean or on the islands. I will however list some traditional auction-auctions which will run normally while I am gone.

Enough chit-chat, I'm going to go paint now!
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