Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

New stuff, new stuff....

First off - new art!!

Here's a really cute new painting....

"Pink and Green Butterflies"

then some new #01 Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Canvas Prints.....

"Fairy at Sunset" #01 CANVAS Print

& "Spinner of Stars" #01 CANVAS Print

And their open edition print versions are now on sale.... (to see all of my SALE items, click HERE to see) or individually....

"Fairy at Sunset" 8x10 SALE $10 & "Fairy at Sunset" 12x16 SALE $20

"Spinner of Stars" 8x10 SALE $10 & "Spinner of Stars" 12x16 SALE $20

Enough of that =)

Heather arrived today!!! It took them a little longer than they expected, so they arrived around noon today, safe and sound. We got all of her furniture moved into our garage and we have her set up in our guest suite! Not sure how long she'll be staying with us, but she can stay as long as she likes, she's a good guest to have =) We've ordered a pizza and it should arrive shortly....

Yesterday we went to the Festival of the Masters - the HUGE HUGE art fair that is at Disney each year. Lots of good art! Almost zero fantasy art though, as per usual. It was a lot of fun though. The Florida Chalk Artists association had a big part of Downtown Disney roped off and had all sorts of fancy chalk art on the sidewalks too - that's alwasys cool.

Yes yes, I desperately need to catch up on my LiveJournal comments and my email - I'll try to get to that tomorrow - it's pretty hectic around here with Heather moving in today, hehe. So thank you for your patience if I owe you an email =)

Okay - I'd better run - pizza is on the way!!!
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