Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

New paintings, new stuff, new stuff!

I have been so incredibly busy lately! And am about to be even more busy.... I'll be doing a huge website update later this week (including adding my new limited edition statues, mwahaha). That, and catching up with a mountain of email, hehe.

All right - on with the new stuff....

First off is a new original painting - it's the one I've been working on these past couple of days....:

"Spinner of Stars"

I really love how she turned out, she's kind of a companion to my "Sea Star" piece, I think they're probably sisters or something.

Then I have a new "Custom Fairy" opportunity, this one is special since it's many times larger than my usual custom auction, it's by far the largest custom I've ever offered on eBay. She's up in my eBay store for a fixed price (but of course as usual you're welcome to try out "Best Offer" if you're feeling lucky).

BIG "Custom Fairy" Painting

Next up I have some new MINIS! Here are all of the currently available (at last check, they do tend to go fast though so some may have alredy sold....)

"Fairy in Braids"

& "Flowers in the Air"

& "A Little Thoughtful"

& "Sage Green Beauty"

& "Fairy with Pink Eyeshadow"

Then I have some new #01 Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Canvas Prints....

"Snow Bunny" Lt. Ed. Canvas Print

& "Armful of Ferrets" Lt. Ed. Canvas Print

& "Cats and Bats" Lt. Ed. Canvas Print

& a brand new piece (this was actually a custom commissioned painting, and the client was nice enough to let me offer prints to the public of her!) -

"Hindu Princess" Lt. Ed Canvas Print

And finally I have a bunch of new SALE prints! To see everything that is currently on sale, just click here: Jasmine's SALE Stuff! Or click on the individual titles below....

"Snow Bunny" 8x10 $10 SALE & "Snow Bunny" 12x16 $20 SALE

"Armful of Ferrets" 8x10 $10 SALE & "Armful of Ferrets" 12x16 $20 SALE

"Cats and Bats" 8x10 $10 SALE


"Hindu Princess" 8x10 $10 SALE

I'm going to settle down to some tomato soup I've been cooking in the crockpot all day.... Have a good evening, everybody!
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