Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Halloween Pictures!!!

Last night was a BLAST! My sister Amber & her husband Chris came over for Halloween! We all dressed us the characters from the movie "Conan the Barbarian" (the Arnold movie from the early 1980s).

I (Jasmine) dressed as the witch who lives in the cave at the beginning of the movie. Not a very large role, but there aren't a lot of ladies in that film, lol. I don't get the cool makeup the others do, since she's not in that part =P

Matt dressed as Conan (as played by Arnold of course). Amber dressed as Valeria (the thief/swordswoman as played by Sandahl Bergman), and Chris dressed as Subotai (as played by Jerry Lopez). Specifically they dressed as the characters duing the part of the movie where they have the black & white camo makeup on and are sneaking into Thulsa Doom's place. If anybody knows the movie, you'll see that we did a really good job, hehe. We all made our own costumes.

We got a bunch of trick-or-treaters despite having had the lightbulb on our porch go out, lol. We ran out of candy! Most of the night though we walked around town. Halloween is a HUGE deal here in the city of Celebration, everybody dresses up and the streets are packed with people, lots of kids but some grown-ups do it too!

We got to stop by foxmagic's house too - he had it all decked out for Halloween, fog machines, creepy Star Wars theming (his friend Jason was there as Darth Vader, hehe), music, lightsabres, all sorts of cool stuff! He'll probably post some pictures too.

Now, without further delay, here come the pictures! They're almost all taken in my kitchen, lol, sorry if it's messy! Here's one as a teaser, and then there will be more on the LJ-cut link below.....

Click below for more...

Now, for a day of catching up on work! I'll probably get some painting done too, you're welcome to peek in on me here on my webcam, I'll be on there off and on throughout the day, I have a lot of stuff to do =P

I hope everybody had a great Halloween!
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