Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Hey Everybody!!!!!

We took smallgirl and Flash back up to the airport yesterday =( It was so much fun having them here! Thank you guys so much for visiting us!

Thank you all for your good wishes about Hurricane Wilma! Luckily, it was no big deal for us here in Celebration. To be honest, if nobody told me a hurricane was coming I would have just thought it was a rainstorm. It was pretty windy though, but we didn't lose any branches or anything like that. Our neighbors didn't even bother taking down their Halloween decorations and they are all still there, lol. Thank goodness! We even ate at an outdoor cafe with Alex & Flash for lunch that same day after it was over, lol. (It was really tasty too, it was at Cafe d'Antonio's - I had the Involtini di Melanzane and it was SO GOOD!).

I hope all is well! I've tried checking in on LJ and attempted keeping up this week, but I apologize if I haven't had much of an online presence this past week. I'm easing my way back in, and will try attacking this monstrous pile of emails soon.

Oh my - I have sold out the THIRD shipment of my book already, believe it or not. Orders placed right now will be from the shipment arriving (to me, before I sign & ship to you!) around November 11th. Thank you all so much for your support, I appreciate it immensely - I had no idea I'd sell so many of them!

BUT for those of you who want a book without waiting, or at least want it in time for Christmas, some stores have it in stock already! If you are in a rush, buy one from efairies.com instead here:

http://www.efairies.com/1599260409.htm (don't feel bad about ordering from places other than from me, seriously! I get royalties either way! ;))

I finished up another big commissioned painting - yay!

I'm so happy right now - we're going to go see NINE INCH NAILS (my favourite band) tonight! I can't believe it! I've seen them before and it is always such a great show. I hope they play some of the new songs off of "With Teeth" - I've yet to see any of that live, so that would be awesome.

So no new painting tonight, lol. I've got some awesome ones lined up though, I promise!

Halloween is coming up! Me, Matt, my sister Amber & her husband Chris are dressing up as the characters from the movie "Conan the Barbarian", it's going to be awesome. We're all making our own costumes. Matt of course is going as Conan, Amber is going as Valeria (the main girl/valkyrie in the movie), Chris is going as Subotai (and has even grown a little beard/mustache thing just in preparation), and I am going as the witch who makes love to Conan before he throws her in the fire. Lol, there aren't a lot of female characters in that movie, obviously. YES I will try to post pictures, hehe. The others are specifically dressing up like the characters in the part of the movie when they are all with the camouflage makeup and are infiltrating Thulsa Doom's temple, in case you were wondering. The witch however, just has that one scene, lol, so I'm making a crude fur (FAKE fur, obviously, I'm a veggie-girl after all) skimpy outfit. Just that and some extra eyeliner, lol, I've already got the hair =P

Sorry to nerd up everybody's posts with my Conan-talk! Around my house, we end up watching that movie about once a week. And thanks to crypticvitality & her husband, we even have the soundtrack!

I'd better run - I should probably eat something before the concert. Those of you who know me know how I tend to faint inexplicably at concerts during inopportune times, and I want to avoid that as much as possible!

New art soon, I promise ;)
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