Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

New Painting - Santa Muerte!!!

I have been SO BUSY for these past couple of days, it's crazy. And the next couple of days are going to be even crazier.

I have finished up this monster of a painting......click below to see her.... (kind of creepy, so be forewarned)......

"Santa Muerte"

Just in time for Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos)- Santa Muerte - a rising star in the folk religions of Mexico. A rather non-traditional saint, she is often embraced by the likes of gangsters, prostitutes, and politicians, as well as housewives and just regular folks who want to get a favor from her! Shrines to Santa Muerte are often elaborate, featuring an effigy of the saint (with her skull face and Virgin Mary symbolism) and offerings like tequila, tobacco, fruits, eggplants, candies, and small trinkets. I've portrayed this in my painting by including lots of items associated with her. For more info on Santa Muerte (she's a fascinating figure) check out these links: here, here or here.

This painting took me a lot of time but there are a lot of fun details in there!

The rest of my time (these past couple of days) has been spent working on commissions. I've got two more I'd like to finish before I do any more originals, so it will probably be pretty quiet on my end for awhile.

And on top of that, the next couple of days will be EXTREMELY busy for me & Matt since we are SHIPPING MY BOOK! It's an incredibly daunting task, each book of course has to be signed or personalized by me, wrapped in bubble wrap, packaged up, addressed, taken to the Post Office and mailed. And there are MILLIONS of them (well, not quite, lol, but there are lots). It will probably take a couple of days to get them all out, it's that crazy - I am not joking.

In fact, I've completely sold out my first shipment! Don't worry - we only recently ran out a couple of days ago. Those who have ordered since then will get their books shipped when I receive my next shipment October 25th. I've almost sold out THAT shipment too, and have already placed an order for a third shipment. It's nuts! I will continue updating my website as the back-order dates change. Once a person orders the book from my site they'll receive the confirmation email with the approximate shipping date. And also when we finally SHIP your specific book, you'll receive the "book's on the way!" email. I truly did not anticipate the demand for this book, lol. Keep in mind too that it's just me & Matt doing this out of our house, so we actually have to keep the books, like, in our living room, hehe, so I can't really buy 100,000 at a time or anything like that.

SO, please forgive me if you don't hear much from me these next couple of days - it's going to be CRAZY around here!
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