Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith


We're shipping the last few orders right now, and the emails are caught up with. Anything else is going to have to wait until I'm back =)

Almost all ready to go!

I'll take this quick time to say byebye to everybody! I will be back next Wednesday, October 5th though, hehe, so don't worry.

I will have limited (if any) internet access while I am gone, so I probably won't be able to keep up much with LiveJournal. SO - if there is something that needs my attention and can't wait until Wednesday, please contact me directly at JasmineToad@aol.com . I will try to at least check my email once or twice while I'm gone, so if it is truly urgent, drop me a line.

Feel free to still order from my website, bid on eBay, etc. but please understand that there might be a few days' delay on emails & shipping. I'll be shipping as soon as I get back Wednesday! I'm sure when I return I will begin painting like a madwoman again. Prepare yourself for some new HALLOWEEN paintings ;)

And oh yes - also when I get back I'll post the photos of my artist's proof sample of my new limited edition figurine - "Lost....but Not Worried"! Sorry I didn't get time to post her today =P I just got her from the factory and she is beautiful!

Okay, off I go!
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