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Meet Eleanor Glenn!

My sister Kachina (sunkachina) & her husband James (thedonkdonk) had their baby last night!!!

A little on the early side, hehe - but she was still well over 8lbs!

Theodore now is a big brother, I can't believe it, lol.

I'm so excited!!! I'm visiting at the end of this month - I didn't know she was going to come early so I planned the visit in a couple of weeks, hehe.

I got a PictureShare from James' cellphone last night - it was a tiny little baby and I knew who it was right away, lol - about 30 seconds afterwards we got the phonecall =) I'm so happy!

Here is little Eleanor:

We had been calling her "Chickpea" for the past several months, I need to break that habit now that she has a proper name, hehe!

Oh my, let me see - that is definitely our big news for the day. I'm working on commissions so there's not going to be any webcam activity today, sorry folks. But hey - at least you got to see a cute baby =)
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