Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Good morning everybody!

We're back from our trip!

We had a wonderful time!

We drove to Kansas City, stayed with my sister Kachina, her husband James, & baby Theodore. We had so much fun!

The main event was of course my mother's wedding. It went smoothly and everything went great! The rehearsal dinner was at Cinzetti's (a very nice Italian buffet with loads of vegetarian options) and that was a lot of fun. After the wedding we stayed at my mother's house (of course she and Bill stayed at a hotel that night, hehe) with all of my cousins for a "cousin party"!. Would you believe that every single one of my first cousins and their spouses/significant others (on both sides of my family) are on LiveJournal? Seriously - they make up a big chunk of my friends' list! The party was a lot of fun - I'm lucky that my cousins are all such cool and interesting people. I, kaokame, kenderdrache, grimsguhnome, thedonkdonk, sunkachina, novemberhour, callandor, montythemobster, greenhoodloxley, 5flyingmonkys, belfastar, catherine_june, malikasaghir, burntorangehorn, and little gloworm_ruth, were ALL there! That's a lot of cousins, hehe. We had pizzas and lots of drinks =)

The next day I went with Kachina, Theo, my Dad & Robin up to my grandmother's house and visited up there for awhile, had fun there too. Then the next day we visited Matt's family (got to see my little niece Cielo!), and then the next day we drove home. Whew!

I am well aware that my email inbox is stuffed incredibly full and that I need to tackle that soon. I tried keeping up with LiveJournal via my cellphone browser, but I fell so far behind, lol - if anybody posted something that I really need to see, just let me know! I am so itching to paint though, I will probably do a bit of painting first before I resign myself to being chained to the computer for the next 24 hours or so =P I need to make some art, dammit!

I've got the 31st of a deadline for two EBSQ shows - the pet swap with Wendy and then the Poppy Show (for EBSQ's Flower of the Month). I was going to just stick Field of Poppies in there, but I had a good idea for a painting while I was in the car and thought I'd try to do that instead. We'll see. I'm still plugging away on the giant commission too - not too far from being finished really! And yes, I will post photos when it's through (no prints for sale though). I also desperately need to update my website in the next week or so too. Eek! So much to do, it's crazy. This always happens when I go out of town, lol, I come back and there is so much work I almost want to hide and take another vacation, but of course I won't ;P

For those of you who like to peek in on me, you can watch me while I work (I think I'm doing the Poppy painting first) You can see my webcam HERE.

Off I go....
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