Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith


I've been painting away on my big commissioned painting, and working on new ACEOs. That and trying to catch up on stuff before I leave on my trip! I'm leaving eaarrly Thursday morning. So tomorrow will be last minute catch-up day - I'll try to get through my emails and LJ stuff before I go so I can leave with a clear conscience, lol.

To tide you all over while I'm gone, I have a bunch of ACEOs - to see them you can visit them in their own section of my eBay store here:

Jasmine's ACEO Shop

Or to see them all individually click on the links below:

Set of THREE Cards - "Wicked ACEO," "Tricksy ACEO," and "False ACEO"!

Set of TWO Cards - "Red Riding Hood ACEO" and "The Wolf ACEO"!

"Swamp Fairy ACEO"

"Fairy Oracle? ACEO"

"Just a Little Fairy ACEO"

"Rapunzel at the Window ACEO"

"Peppermint Pretty ACEO"

"Twilight Tiki God ACEO"

& "Alice Dreaming ACEO"

That's the last new stuff you'll see for about a week ;)

Sorry, gotta turn off the comments today to catch up on old ones, lol. Have a wonderful evening everybody!
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