Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith


I went to the grocery store this morning. It felt really weird to leave the house, and then Matt & I were talking and realized that the last time I even left the house was with slytherin13 and Paul! That was two weeks ago today. I literally haven't even left the house to walk across the street or anything. No wonder I'm so crazy - I'm a recluse!

I can't believe it - I need to get out more. It's not healthy, dammit! I'm going to make a point to try to walk around the block or ride my bike every other day at least, to make sure I stay grounded.

When I tell people that all I do is paint and do other art related stuff, I think they "take it with a grain of salt" or think I'm exaggerating, but it is the literal truth. I do try to read a little after I've gone to bed, but that's about it. Sometimes I'll watch a movie on TV but it's usually after 10:00 or 11:00 PM still. I need to try to schedule a little more time to do stuff or something. I know this already, you don't need to tell me ;P

Lol - right now though, I have so much work to do! An insane amount of emails to get to, the giant commission to finish (and then about a 9 week lineup of commissions on my "waiting list" after that), my own artwork & eBay stuff of course, business stuff, everything. Today I need to finish the Autumn Fairy I started earlier - it's for a new calendar (September) and the deadline snuck up on me - I need to finish it before I go out of town to make sure I get it in on time. After that I'll start on waltzingdog's painting for the Pet Portrait Swap Show! I have already been hit with so many requests to partner up for next year's show, I really can't decide! I might just skip it next year (it always seems like I'm out of town around that date anyways), or I might decide later as that date gets closer. I really can't commit to something that far in advance right now, I hope you all understand.

I'm looking forward to our brief trip coming up! I'm leaving on Thursday, and I'll be gone less than a week. Just to Kansas City, we're not going to go out west for the extended camping trip we had originally planned on, there's just no way I can be away from work that long, unfortunately. Not Matt & I both at the same time at least. Just too much to do =P But a short trip is fine by me, it will be relaxing. And I'll get to see my family & my cousins and meet Brad & Jillianne's new little baby Ruthie who I haven't gotten to see yet!

And I really really like loooong car drives, the drive between KC and Florida is really pretty. It's nice just to look out the window. Especially the Smoky Mountains. I know the ride like the back of my hand, I've done it so many times! We'll probably eat at that same Waffle House in Chattanooga that we always do, lol.

All right....... gotta get a few things done and then I'll be painting! You can peek in on me HERE in just a little while to see the autumn fairy painting for the new calendar! I actually did a quick pencil layout sketch of her before I started (unusual for me, usually I just sketch with paint on the canvas), I might include the sketch with the painting when I sell it. It's kind of crappy, but probably interesting for collectors.

Off I go!
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