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::clearing throat for big announcement::

"Fairy: the Art of Jasmine Becket-Griffith" is now available to pre-order, by clicking HERE

Click on the link to see! Release date is October 8th, 2005. Lots of info, sneak-peeks, etc.

IF you are planning on getting your hands on a copy of my book, I STRONGLY suggest pre-ordering asap. I need to know how many to order (you see, I actually have to physically order & buy the books myself, get them here to sign them, package and send them, keeping them in my house the whole time, lol) for my stock. If you do not pre-order, I can't guarantee that you would be able to buy one right away (I don't know how long it will be between my stock shipments, and I don't know what stores will be carrying it, and it will be a couple of months before Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc. have it on their websites). So if you are wanting one as soon as it comes out (or any time soon, hehe) I really really really suggest pre-ordering. Really. And hey - if you pre-order before August 16th, you get a free "Starry Night Fairy" vinyl sticker (since she's the famous front cover painting, lol!). So go pre-order, already!

And if you live outside of the US - no problem - special ordering instructions can be found by clicking HERE.

And if you live inside the US but still don't want to order online, don't have a credit card, prefer paying by check/money order/cash - no problem - special ordering instructions can be found by clicking HERE.

I have my copy of the book, and it is amazing. It is so cool, I can't believe it. >^__^< I am so incredibly happy right now. Both the hard-cover and paperback editions are great, but of course hard-cover is better, hehe. It'll hold up to more rough-housing and years of reading. Both are great though, it's truly an excellent book.

I can't stop smiling! >^_______^<

I am turning the comments off of this post (sorry folks!) - I am already getting orders in and I don't want Livejournal to fill up my inbox too quickly, LOL!

Go order it, already! ;P
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