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Big Exciting Fun News!

All right!

Some of you may have heard a little bit about it (I leaked out some of the secret earlier of course), but this is probably news to most of you!

I signed a contract with figurine company, and they are making limited edition statues based on my paintings!

The first one they are doing is "Captive Fairy" (based on this painting here). They just sent me the artist's approval statue (which I definitely approved of!) in the mail, so I thought I'd take some photos and show her off! There are several photos - here's one to start - just click on the "cut" link below it to see the rest! I'm so pleased with it - they put in so much detail, and they captured her perfectly from all angles - even her little bottom in the back, hehe. They were really nice and sent me production photos along the way while they were carving her out of the clay, and let me put a lot of input into her creation. It's so nice to have her in person!

now, to see the rest, click here for more photos:

Isn't she lovely? They are in production right now, and I have some basic info:

*They are very well-made painted resin statues, mounted on heavy bases
*They are about 6"-7" in height
*They are "Limited Edition" and have a little placard underneath where they are individually numbered
*The edition is limited to 2,000 statues
*They will retail for approximately $40.00 US
*The approximate release date is sometime in October of this year!

I WILL be carrying them in stock (for sure!). Mine, in addition to being numbered, will also be signed underneath =) So - as far as I know now - it will be sometime in October that I will have them in stock on my website, probably eBay, etc.! And of course, being a licensed product, they'll be available in various retail stores, online shops, galleries, etc. too.

Pretty cool, eh?

They've started preliminary sculpting on the next one too.... which will be...... "Lost...but Not Worried"!!! >^__^< I have seen early clay models of her and she's looking beautiful too!

Let me see - that's a lot of excitement for me today, lol. I will have some big BOOK NEWS very soon too - you won't have to wait much longer to pre-order my new book, nor much of a wait after you pre-order, lol - that's all I have to say about that though, hehe.

Today I'll mostly be working on the big commission - you can peek in on me HERE - I've got some quick stuff to do first, and then I'll be painting.

Oh yes - I made a new eBaystore category just for my ACEO cards - click HERE to see them!

In addition, I have put up some fun "print sets" (like a complete set of all 10 Gothlings, the Ferret Combo Set, and the ever-popular Mint Faeries Set) - up on SALE this week, to see my sale stuff Click HERE to see!

Enough of that, I'm off to paint NEW stuff!
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