Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Mini Paintings & NEW - ACEO/ATC Art Cards!

My eyes are crossed and my fingers cramped, because today I've been doing everything on a minature scale! Quite opposite from the giant commissioned painting, hehe - it's one extreme to another.

But with wonderful results - I have six tiny miniature original paintings, and six new one-of-a-kind ACEO cards! Yay!

First with the mini-paintings - grab one if you can - don't get made if they're all purchased by now, lol - they go fast! Click on their titles to see them:

"Alice Off-Guard"

"Grumpy Red Cutie"

"Luminous Pink Mermaid"

"Not Quite Satisfied"

"A Little Pink Glow"

& "Tiny Golden Sparkles"

And now......I know some of you have been bugging me about doing some of these for a loooong time now.....


Quick background info:

After soooo many "requests" for ACEO cards, I have finally caved in. And wanting to keep them separate from my miniature paintings, yet still completely unique, I finally figured out what to do. Each of my ACEO Cards are one-of-a-kind giclee canvas prints from details of my original paintings. They are not the same as the originals - they are rather close-ups or portrait details taken from them (for example I have one that is just a close-up of the Cheshire Cat from my Alice & the Cheshire Cat painting, and there might be one later that is Alice by herself, and so forth). Each one is hand-embellished by me, the artist - with hand painted details, signature, year created, and a numbering system that is "1/1" meaning that just ONE single card of that image exists in the edition. An edition of "one" if you will! Nobody else will ever have one! A lot of work goes into each one - I have a teeny-tiny brush and I go in and embellish the highlights, tiny hairs, etc. sign, date, number and then the whole card is hand-varnished and heat-set to provide both UV protection, smudge protection, and makes them fully water-resistant. In addition, the backside of each ACEO card is handwritten by me with the card & artist info to provide proof of authenticity. ACEO cards are very popular right now - a perfect way to start a collection. Just search "ACEO" for "Artist Cards, Editions & Originals" (aka "ATC" - Artist Trading Cards)) on eBay to find hundreds of other artists offering them too - all unique artworks measuring 2.5"x3.5" - they'll even fit in traditional trading card displays (like for baseball cards, etc.) and are fun to keep or trade or mix & match! I plan to offer a variety of ACEOs in the future - all starting at a penny, with no reserve. So go have fun with them!

""Horned Fairy ACEO ACEO" (from my "Horned Fairy" painting)

"Pixie Cat Zoe ACEO" (from my "Pixie Cats" painting)

"Eyes of a Fairy Queen ACEO" (from my "Fairy Queen Titania" painting)

"One of a Kind ACEO" (from my "Two of a Kind" painting, hehe)

"Alice in Thought ACEO" (from my "Alice & the Footmen" painting)

& finally my ever popular "Cheshire Cat ACEO" (from my "Alice & the Cheshire Cat" painting)

I'm all tired and cross-eyed now, lol, so I am probably going to take the rest of the evening off now. Enjoy all the tiny goodies!
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