Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Good morning all!

Good morning everybody!

I've been busy working on the big commissioned painting (still a long way to go on it too, hehe - it's so huge!). It's going to turn out beautifully though.

Yesterday I got a day off! slytherin13 and her husband Paul came to visit us! We spent all day with them - they took us to Bahama Breeze for lunch & drinks, and we went shopping at Downtown Disney, and we went for a night-time walk through Celebration, and we hung out at our house & chatted a lot, and we went out again later for Mexican food, hehe! They are two of the coolest people ever! Thank you so much for visiting us! >^___^< (And yes, Lisa is just as cute and smartly dressed in real-life as she is online, hehe!).

Today I will of course be working as usual. I will probably spend some time on the big painting, and then also work on some new canvas prints and maybe some minis (or even an ACEO "card" perhaps - I have received so many requests for those I might just have to give in!).

The webcam is pointed at the big painting right and it's mounted on there pretty good, so unfortunately I probably can't show me working on the minis today - I will give a head's up before I start listing them though, for those of you who like to snatch them up early =)

Off to work!
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