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New painting, New Merchandise, etc.....

Ah, a long crazy day. Painted on the big painting, painted on a smaller painting. Got a HUGE shipment of merchandise and spent the rest of the day sorting it out, lol. I've got everything re-stocked now though and some new stuff too!

First, the new painting! Actually inspired by one of my "minis" with the blank blue eyes, here's a full sized delicate lovely called.......

"Fairly Blue"

And then I have my Morgan le Fay prints available and ON SALE:

"Morgan le Fay at Sunset" 8x10 print $10.00


"Morgan le Fay at Sunset" 12x16 print $20.00

And THEN I have re-stocked and added new merchandise to my eBay store! This is all my official licensed stuff that is normally sold at retail shops, but I ordered some to stock my own store with, lol.

Just click below to see the new merchandise - lots of stuff to look at! Stickers, new buttons, new keychain, etc. -

Jasmine's eBay Store Merchandise

I even have a special SALE set of some of my stickers:

Set of THREE Fairy Stickers SALE

All righty - I am dead tired and starving. I'm going to eat some food. Good night all!
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