Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Busy day!

Today foxmagic came over and set me up with a script to autobackup my hard drive every day (very important!) - thank you Brian!

I also finished the painting I started last night of the girl with antlers - kind of another version of my old "Nymph with Antlers". More realistic, similar colour palette. She turned out beautifully - I will be posting her shortly! Not sure what I'll name her yet.

Right now I'm working on my big giant commission! You can peek in on me HERE - I have attempted to position my webcam so that it will show me working, but it's at the end of its cable and the painting is so damned big, it's kind of hard to show, lol.

I will be alternating "shifts" with the big painting and my usual work. I can't work solidly on the large painting for tooooo long, because I either have to stand, kneel, or hunch over at it, lol and it's hard on my knees, neck & back, so I'm mixing it up with my usual work at my my art desk. As you can probably see on the webcam, this painting is as tall as I am, lol, so it's tricksy to work on!

I probably can't move the webcam back and forth while I work in other parts of the room (it's mounted and is time-consuming to move & set up each time) so bear with me =)

Off I go!
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