Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith


Wow - my psychic vibes must have wafted down to Florida! Minutes after my long-winded post about waiting for my apartment, Linda from the Celebration Apartments called!

She let me know that a woman just contacted her letting her know that she is getting married and will be moving out soon. It's not 100% certain (she'll know the exact date in a couple of days) but our move-in date would be about the 2nd week of April. It's the largest (and most expensive) unit with a one bedroom floorplan. It has a lot of premiums, so the rent will be $895. We were trying to keep it under $900, so we just barely squeezed it, lol. It doesn't have a balcony, but that's ok.

Now - about the apartment! It is on top of the Celebration Town Tavern (which is a cutesy Disney-esque establishment - and YES, they serve veggie burgers!). It has a LAKE VIEW and is right on Celebration Lake! It's a second story apartment and we only have ONE NEIGHBOR. It's a CORNER apartment and has lots of WINDOWS (as opposed to the ONE window we have in our current apartment). It is TWICE the size of our current apartment. I can walk to the Post Office! I can walk to the Bank! I can walk to the little grocery store. I can walk to the adorable "Celebration 2" movie theatre. I'm so excited =)

I also talked to Linda about possibly upgrading to a 2 bedroom after we are there awhile. She said that we could do that at any time, and it's only a $200 fee to do it mid-lease. But for now, I'm happy with our new place!
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