Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

I found it!

Yay! I've been watching eBay for a matching pillowsham for our new "Bengal Road" bedding set (which remains unopened in plastic covers in our closet until we move).


I'm happy I found it on eBay! I was seriously considering purchasing it at "Linens & Things" but it was like $70 (a bit too much for a pillowcase, no matter the quality). Technically this one is a factory second, but ever single other piece I have in the set is as well and all of the flaws are undetecable to the human eye. Croscill bedding standards are pick - a single discoloured thread in a 300 threadcount sheet (300 threads per inch) is enough to consider it unfit for retail.

We're still on the waiting list for the Celebration Apartments in Florida. Since they will give us at least a 2 month notice I guess this makes a March move-in date unlikely. I guess we're looking at April as the earliest now. I'm glad that we decided to wait for the larger floorplan though! I desparately need the room. Matt and I were looking at the even floorplans the other day and were thinking that after we move if we feel like getting more room we might upgrade after 6mos or a year or so to perhaps one of the two-story townhomes. They are about $1100-$1200/month, but they are freakin' huge! I was amazed - the townhouses there are cheaper than the ones here at my complex in Kansas City. Wow! There'd be room for a separate studio for me (maybe even I could set up a frame shop area for Matt to frame and mat my prints and paintings). I don't know what we would do with 3 bathrooms though - there is no possible time that we would need them all at once. Of course it would be nice for guests! It's a lot of money to pay for still renting though. If I'm paying well over a thousand dollars a month I'd prefer it go to paying off a mortgage. But, I'm not sure how soon I want to buy a house (a lot of responsibility), so a townhouse might be a good transition for us between an apartment and a real house. But of course, we're talking at least a couple years from now so I've got plenty of time to think about it! We'll have to see how financially stable we are, how well my art stuff is going, etc. If I start doing better with my career Matt can maybe switch to selling real-estate without having to rely on a second job for income. It would be great to have him around so much more! I'm also guessing that there's more of a future in real estate for him than in waiting tables at Downtown Disney (though from what we've heard the servers there do rather well, lol.)

I'm going to fix a snack and then I'll probably be painting for the rest of the day! I'll have the webcam up showing me painting for the duration!
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