Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

New Hot Topic Fairy Stickers!

4 New Hot Topic Fairy stickers!

These are Hot Topic exclusives, so I won't be able to sell them myself (the only place you can buy them at is Hot Topic). They're not at the Hot Topic website yet, but I just got confirmation that they are starting to appear in the stores! >^__^< I think these are my cutest stickers so far!

I don't have any way of knowing which exact store locations have them in stock yet, so you'll have to go check, hehe! ;P

I will have to look at the mall next time I'm there - I don't get samples of them since they're exclusives so I haven't seen them in person yet, lol.

Let me see..... what else is new.....

I finished the custom painting with the fairy holding a guitar! It turned out really really cute. I just emailed the scan to the customer for approval. I might also ask if they mind if I offer her as prints - I think a lot of people would like her!

I have some other stuff I need to catch up with, and then I will probably be painting this afternoon! Feel free to peek in on me HERE while I work.

Good luck to everybody in Hurricane Dennis' path! It's not even raining here - he's not visiting our neck of the woods, thank goodness.
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