Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Gooood morning!!!

Sorry for the lack of recent updates - don't worry, I'm fine - just insanely busy!

Oh my, let me see - so much has been going on! I've been working on some off-webcam projects, all going along nicely =)

Yesterday was my sister Amber's birthday so I of course took the day off of work!!

We had a picnic at the beach and then spent the rest of the day surfing (boogieboards at least) and swimming and whatnot. The waves were awesome by Florida standards - I really kind of took a beating a few times, lol. I kept getting smashed into the bottom of the sea and I think I *still* have sand in my hair. Then we came home and went to Moe's (I love that place - everything on the menu can be made vegetarian - they include grilled tofu as a "meat choice", hehe). Then we came back and watched movies and had pie. We had a lot of fun! We're going to have another family birthday (with presents & stuff) for her once we get up to Kansas City. (I'm going to be up there for the Fourth of July of course!).

They are opening a real grocery store here in town (right now Celebration just has a small corner market) - I'm very excited. It opens on Tuesday! It was supposed to open LAST FEBRUARY, but kept getting delayed, so I've been waiting for this for a WHILE now, lol. It'll be a 24 hour grocery store too, which is very exciting. And it has a liquor store (we have to drive a ways to get to a liquor store right now). It'll be nice having such convenience within walking & biking distance!!!!!

I'll be out of town leaving Friday for about a week, going up to Kansas City to see family and for the Fourth of July of course! I will make sure to get orders & everything caught up before then and I'm going to wait to list any new auctions until shortly before I leave for my trip (so they won't end while I'm gone). It shouldn't really affect orders very much, maybe a few days longer of a wait, not even noticeable.

So today I think I will maybe paint some mini-paintings to list tonight! I'll need to cut some canvases and do a few other quick things and then I'll be working =)

You can peek in on me HERE!

I hurt all over! I got banged around in the ocean, and then despite constant slathering of 50+ SPF sunblock I still managed to get a sunburn (I don't tan or freckle, I just BURN!). Blah!
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