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New Prints & Stuff!!!

All right! New stuff for you!

I finished up the pet portrait, and the customer has approved it and gave me permission to post it here in my Journal! (Please note - this is a private commission and I will *not* be selling prints of this one!).

Click below to see it......

Pet Portrait

Three bunnies, a birdie, a chinchilla and a doggie! Aren't they beautiful animals? I'm very proud of this one, and it's BIG too - 24"x18".

And then, in other news - I've got a bunch of new prints! First are the hand-painted limited edition canvas prints (each is the first #01 print of the edition and are being auctioned):

"Glistening Mermaid" 14x11 CANVAS Print

& "Silver and Gold" 11x14 CANVAS Print

& "Treasure of the Bone Dragon" 11x14 CANVAS Print

and then, I have some wonderful new print sales! Each 8x10 print is only $10 and each 12x16 print is only $20 >^__^<

"Glistening Mermaid" 8"x10" print and "Glistening Mermaid" 12"x16" print

"Silver and Gold" 8"x10" print and "Silver and Gold" 12"x16" print

"Treasure of the Bone Dragon" 8"x10" print and "Treasure of the Bone Dragon" 12"x16" print

All righty! I'm off to catch up on some other workstuff - I hope you are all having a wonderful evening!
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