Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Good morning!!

Last night we went with foxmagic out to see "Batman Begins"! The theatre was packed! Usually it's not at all crowded on Sunday nights - bizarre. The showing we wanted to see was sold out (I've never seen that happen on a Sunday at Downtown Disney!) so we had to wait for a later showing. I really enjoyed it - what a great movie! Out of the actors who have portrayed Batman, I think I have to vote Christian Bale as the best. When he was being the more playboy-ish rich-boy Bruce Wayne though I kept picturing him as his American Psycho character, LOL!

Matt & Amber are off buying supplies at Costco, and Chris & I are here working. Our downstairs area is so crazy looking right now with all of us living/working here - the living room and kitchen are normal, but the rest of the place has been taken over by art/business stuff. It doesn't look like a house, more like some crazy artists' colony/printshop/computer office or soemthing! We have several big computer stations of course, printers, scanners, etc. Then of course are the filing cabinets/shelves/etc. for my business stuff. Then is my big art studio section with all of my paint racks, desk, supplies, etc. Then is Chris' art studio section with all of his figurines paints, supplies, desk, etc. It's really kind of a cool setup we have here.

I've got a couple of last minute touchups to do on my current commission, and then I might work on some new canvas prints and perhaps some new minis! Or maybe start a new big painting. I'm not sure =P

Pretty soon I will be beginning to paint my big Morgan Le Fay self-portrait for the Arthurian Legends show. That ought to be fun! I've painted a few Morgan Le Fays in the past, but I'm such a better artist now, so that ought to be interesting. I might show her with a pretty blonde Guinevere too, like a study in contrasts, or I might just show her alone - I'm not sure yet!

I'll be painting in just a few minutes - you can peek in on me HERE on my webcam as usual =)
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